Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check out our Multi-Cultural Games Unit

We are finally ready to launch our multicultural games website!

What is it all about?

The website is based around a wiki platform to create collaboration with other schools around the world. The main purpose of the site is to build a resource of international games that is simple to use and accessible for students from all over the globe with an internet connection.

Kerry Dyke and I want to show case the best student work that we can find from schools interested in collaborating in this project. The hope is that students can get a better understanding of what sport and recreation looks like in different cultures. We believe this will foster global citizenship and help incorporate technology in PE.

What do student's learn?

Well it is best to let them tell you. Here are a few thoughts from some of our grade seven students who took part of the unit.

To find more about this project go to our multicultural games website and think about how you can add this to your curriculum.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taking our Multicultural Games to a new level...

Kerry Dyke and I taught our Multicultural Games unit last semester and we decided to take it one step further recently by creating a wiki which contains the best student work from within our classes. Our goal is to share this unit with other schools around the world, by letting you try it and to see if you can contribute your best games to this wiki in order to create a great resource for PE teachers all over the globe, hence creating global collaboration between teachers and students.

If you want to find out more about this unit we teach to our grade seven students have a look at an older post of mine which I wrote when we started planning out this unit, or check out the unit plan. We are also about to launch the wiki which is in the final development stage, so watch out for a blog post in the next week or two guiding you to this wiki.

Here's a little video of us working with our top students from the unit. We did this after school and they finished off their work for homework. This was a great chance for them to refine their tech skills, get extra credit for the extra effort outside of the classroom and for them to gain recognition for the great work they've done. We hope you enjoy!